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Afterword by Don Jessee

It has been a wonderful time working with Terry on his website — showcasing his works of art. Together we have brought this web site to life and getting the “first” look at his paintings is a real treat. As it says on the first page “An emerging artist, Terry is drawn to the subject of people and the world around them, although animals, landscapes and flowers also attract the attention of his brush” and I have seen many excellent examples of each. I strongly urge you to see his paintings for yourself as the computer picture does not do justice to the actual work.


All images on this site Copyrighted © by Terry Southwood, all rights reserved.

Photo Credits

The reference photos for “Eastern Son”, “Desert Face”, “Andean Amigos” and “World News” were courtesy of the artist's good friend Karin Michel. The photo used for “The Fisherman” was provided by Lisel Currie. A “Moment in Time” was compiled from family photos. The reference photo for the self-portrait on the Biography page was taken by the artist's wife, Catherine. “Halcyon Days” was based on a 1979 photo by the artist's late father and “Friends” was based on a 2005 photo by Joan King.

“Kahkewistahaw” was based on an archival photo of the native chief who was prominent in the signing of Treaty 4. The photo was provided by the late Bruce Francis. The face was redrawn so as to be rotated and uplifted slightly.

For “Reinhold Messner”, dozens of published photos allowed the artist to mentally form a three-dimensional image of the subject, and create a unique painting in tribute to the man who is probably the greatest mountaineer of all time.

Any other reference photos used for paintings on this website were taken by the artist.