Upcoming Events

Terry regularly participates in the shows of the Calgary Artists' Society. Drop back for further details or visit their Exhibitions page.

Past Events

January 2016

Terry and Laura

Terry recently enjoyed the opportunity to sit down over a coffee and chat with the young lady featured in his painting “Laura and Finn”. Laura had a brief stopover in Calgary, staying with mutual friends who arranged the get-together. They had lots to talk about, including an update, of course, on Finn.

Photo courtesy of Winnie Wyman.

August 2005 Exhibition

Warren, Karen and Terry

From August 5th to 16th of 2005, Terry was part of a three person exhibition at the Canmore Public Art Gallery, along with Warren Soper and Karen MacRae.

Here are some photos from the opening reception. Terry is on the right with Karen in the middle and Warren on the left.

Of the fourteen paintings Terry had in the show, three had pre-sold before the exhibition opened, and four more sold on opening night. During the 12 days of the exhibit, nearly a thousand people visited the gallery.


A break in the opening crowd shows off the gallery.

Photos courtesy of Karin Michel.



The painting “Ronnie” was done for a group show with the Canmore Artists and Artisans Guild. The theme was “Canmore — A Sense of Place”.

“When I thought of who I could paint that might represent my sense of place for Canmore, it was Ronnie Marra, hands down. Here was an icon for both the Canmore of old and the bustling community it has become. To me Ronnie is the quintessential small town grocer. His father started the business six decades ago. As a kid, I remember Ronnie delivering groceries in their green panel van. Today, despite Canmore being bigger and Ronnie being the owner, he is still the one who packs your groceries and carries the bags to your car. At the hospital art opening he checks your coats. He sponsors numerous charitable events. He asks after your family. Ron is one of those unassuming people who serves his community and quietly gives back at every opportunity. In many ways, Ronnie is Canmore to me, and I'm proud to have painted him.” — Terry Southwood

Ron is shown here with his painting in the gallery on August 5th, 2004.


Sadly, after serving the community for 60 years, Marra's Grocery closed its doors at the end of August, 2005. The Canmore Leader published a special tribute to Ron and his family. Advertising proceeds in the tribute section went to a charity of the family's choosing, and over $2000 was raised for the Canmore Hospital. Terry's painting of Ronnie was featured on the cover page.

Art from the Heart 2004

Terry, Barb and Shirley

At the gala opening reception of the Canmore Hospital's “Art from the Heart” exhibition on February 27th, 2004 Terry chats with Barb Shellian, from the hospital, and fellow artist Shirley Chinneck.

Art from the Heart photo courtesy of Pam Doyle and the Canmore Leader.

August 2003 Show

Syd and Terry

From August 15th to September 2nd of 2003, Terry had his first private show, a two-man exhibition with Warren Soper at the Canmore Public Art Gallery. Over 1500 people visited the gallery during the exhibit, and of the seventeen paintings Terry had on display, ten sold either before, during or immediately after the show. Terry is pictured here with Syd Maskey and Syd's portrait on opening night.


On November 3rd, 2006 at the age of 74, Syd passed away peacefully in his sleep.